Out with Mammy, Jezebel and Sapphire...

You can't talk about the future of black women and sexuality without addressing the horrific and always evolving sexual exploitation against us. Centuries of rape, abuse, and molestation have manifested a sexual curse unjustly placed upon black women that is yet to be broken. Platforms, such as this one, are a small yet impactful attempt to shatter that curse, one cupcake at a time. Cupcake Noire strives to empower black women to embrace their sexuality regardless of how media, male-dominated culture, stereotypes, sexual partners, or past life experiences have molded it thus far. With that being said, let's create a fresh start together by understanding the history of our sexuality.

SEXUALITY /sek-shoo-al-i-tee/ (noun): the quality or state of being sexual; the condition of having sex; sexual activity; or sexual preference.

Sounds easy enough, right?... but did you know about the haunting stereotypes that attempt to define our sexuality? In a nut shell, black women are universally seen as uncontrollable, horny, promiscuous, irresponsible, welfare-abusing, reckless, selfish, hypersexual beasts. Did I leave anything out? <insert eye roll emoji> The word that always stings my soul is "hypersexual"...which is defined as:

HYPERSEXUAL /hahy-per-sek-shoo-uh l/ (adjective or noun): a stereotype that accuses black women of having a dysfunctional preoccupation with sexual fantasy, often in combination with the obsessive pursuit of casual or non-intimate sex; pornography; compulsive masturbation; romantic intensity and objectified partner sex.

But what really impresses me (obvious sarcasm) is how the white culture was also able to desexualize black women at the same time by depriving us of any sexual character, such as the famous asexual caricature, Mammy.

MAMMY /mam-ee/ (noun): a stereotype that portrays black women as desexualized servants to white families and who is generally good-natured, often overweight, and loud. 

Apparently, Mammy loved her job so much that she would often leave her own children, which is amazing that Mammy was sexy enough for someone to impregnate her <insert another eye roll emoji>, to tend to the slave owner's children instead.

Read more about the Mammy caricature here.

Mammy portrayed by Andy Warhol

JEZEBEL /Jez·e·bel/ (noun): also referred to as a sexual siren, is characterized as black women who are overly sexualized, aggressive, sexually promiscuous, uncaring, completely lacking in virtue and a woman who will use her sexuality to manipulate and deceive. 

The biblical origi