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We got the Pynk...

Even though I've finally had a chance to breathe after the most epic Coachella Weekend One known to man... #Beychella, I still haven't recovered from Janelle Monae's new video for "Pynk"! If I could describe everything that Cupcake Noire stands for, it would be summed up through this healthy, unabashedly provocative, and luxurious music video! Here's why:

Janelle made it a point to show off some healthy yet sexy work out moves throughout the video from boxing on a punching bag to ab workouts to glute movements...all while looking fabulous doing it. On the other hand, she also made a statement by zooming in on her pubic hair peaking out from her underwear. In our society, pubic hair is typically removed via razors, creams, wax, and laser hair treatments, and mostly to satisfy our sexual partners. But believe it or not, pubic hair is a natural way of protecting our vulvas and vaginas from bacteria and abrasions especially during sex. Nonetheless, Janelle was not afraid to let the world know that she embraces her pubic hair.

This video exudes everything that is unabashedly provocative, feminine, and sex positive. It was a beautiful thing to see the ladies drive into some sort of oasis where they were free to express their own sexuality. There were numerous sexual innuendos through melting popsicles, milkshakes, bubble gum, an oyster, grapefruit with an ice cube, and a donut with a finger through the middle to a pussy cat and loads of exposed and well-moisturized melanated skin. Hints of woman to woman sexuality were also shown throughout the video with touching tongues, sensual eye contact and caressing of skin. This type of sexuality is heavily fantasized by the male counterpart and often seen as just a phase. But through her music, Janelle highlights it as a serious yet invigorating glimpse into her possible sexual lifestyle (with rumors of a romantic relationship with Tessa Thompson). Either way, Cupcake Noire is here for it and begging for more!

Now can we finally talk about those luxurious vulva pants?! Can you not see them walking down the runway in Paris Fashion Week? This is just another reminder that the female anatomy is and will always be a beautiful work of art! Every scene was filled with gorgeous pink couture fit for a queen! Lingerie even made a presence with satin bras and statement underwear including, I GRAB BACK and SEX CELLS. Anything that takes a jab at 45 or changes the view of sex through play-on words is always welcome on this platform. Don't be surprised to see more fashionable yet feminist undergarments from top designers from here on out. The nail game was definitely on point with pink chrome and well-manicured feminine hues. High fashion natural hair styles were flowing throughout the video which we all obviously can't get enough. Every single woman in the video had a chance to let their beautiful God-given tresses shine as much needed accessories for their ensembles.

After watching this video for the twentieth time, I continue to find more details that I have truly fallen in love with. Besides wishing that those vulva pants came in a 34" inseam, I am looking forward to seeing more of this from Janelle with her upcoming album, Dirty Computer, debuting on April 27th. Cupcake Noire is definitely a diehard Janelle Monae fan and is awaiting with baited breath. Remember ladies...

Out with Mammy, Jezebel, and Sapphire...In with Cupcake Noire

XOXO, Shawna

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