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A Night at the Erotic Museum

During our last day in Miami, my husband and I decided to visit somewhere very inticing...the World Erotic Art Museum. It wasn't enough that we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary by tearing up King of Diamonds strip club (KOD) a few nights prior (I feel like a blog post about feminists who love strip clubs is much needed). Nonetheless we considered this adventure to be "going out with a bang"!(Pun intended).

As soon as you get off of the elevator, the first thing you notice is a rarely seen portrait of one of my #musenoiremonday women, Josephine Baker. As you should know by now, Ms. Josephine exudes everything unabashedly provocative and luxurious just by being herself. Who hasn't seen her in that banana skirt or jeweled fringe? All of my halloween costume fantasies are inspired by those history-making looks. But many have never seen her like this...

I must say that experiencing a small shrine in honor of such an iconic and barrier-breaking melanated sex symbol got me excited to see the rest of the museum! Unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed with the lack of sexual exploration among people of African descent. Even though I didn't mind learning more about the Asian, Jewish, LGBTQ and other culture's interpretation of sex, it would have been invigorating to see my sex life reflected in this space. It was always exciting to see bits and pieces of our culture once in awhile despite the typical stereotypes being depicted. Our bodies have always been placed on display by mainstream culture and this museum was no different. I just knew to look past the continued exploitation and appreciate our bodies for what they truly created by God himself that is consistently envied by everyone who isn't of African descent.

Now on the other hand, I had a chance to enjoy sporadical art pieces that reflected the sheer beauty of our genitals. Who doesn't love bronze and bling as ways to show off such beautiful yet natural art forms? As a matter of fact, there are artists who are more than willing to assist with creating personal art forms for people who just love their parts that much! I would be lying if I said that I wouldn't love a bust of my vulva blinged out with Swarovski crystal to place on my coffee table next to my latest issue of Vogue.

All in all, I was surprised yet impressed to see a museum that put so much time, effort, and research into sexuality across many cultures. Clearly, more work needs to be done to put together the sexual history of our culture that doesn't always involve abuse, rape, and exploitation.

Out with Mammy, Jezebel, and Sapphire...In with Cupcake Noire.



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