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cupcake noire 
a healthy, unabashedly provocative and luxurious lifestyle from a black feminist perspective

Cupcake Noire is a sex-positive brand for Black women and femmes

that highlights everything healthy, unabashedly provocative,

and luxurious about Black female sexuality

by focusing less on respectability politics and more on politics of pleasure; 

ridding of historically negative stereotypes by reclaiming our own erotic narratives;

fighting against misogynoir and sexual oppression; 

and promoting healthy sexual behaviors one cupcake at a time.

H E A L T H Y 

Every Black woman and femme should make their health a priority, especially their sexual health.

Our overall health including nutrition, exercise, and routine wellness exams,

has a major impact on our sex lives. Poor health outcomes equals less pleasurable sex.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle from a Black feminist, sex-positive,

and safe environment will encourage healthier sexual behaviors. 

U N A B A S H E D L Y  P R O V O C A T I V E 

Historical barriers including respectability politics, misogynoir and mainstream stereotypes

have prevented Black women and femmes from openly expressing our sexuality which can negatively influence our sexual health outcomes. With the right knowledge, tools (and toys),

all Black women and femmes have the ability to be unapologetic, confident, and provocative 

whenever, however, and with whomever their cupcake desires.


Being sexy doesn't always include tacky, flammable, and cheap lingerie or costumes.

Celebrating Black women and femmes donning a haute couture lace teddy; 

a phenomenally tailed pink power suit; or just some sweats, stilettos, and a bold red lip;

empowers us to feel naughty, magical and luxurious all at the same time. 

Out with Mammy, Jezebel, and Sapphire...In with C U P C A K E  N O I R E.


XOXO, Shawna 

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